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European Policy Committee - EPC

The committee follows the work of the European Commission and arranges regular meetings with officials in the Commission, responsible for activities of relevance to water management. The committee gives comments and advice to official European institutions on behalf of its members. The EWA is attending meetings of the Strategic Co-ordination Group under the WFD Common Implementation Strategy. Furthermore the EWA is in close contact with other European associations and institutions.

The objectives and responsibilities of the European Policy Committee (EPC), under the guidance of the governing bodies of the European Water Association, and within its rules of procedure, are the following:

  • Organise and coordinate relationships of EWA with European level bodies, and especially with bodies of the European Union;
  • Facilitate and create the necessary and useful flows of information amongst the persons and groups representing EWA towards European level bodies, as well as between the former and the National Associations (NA), members of EWA;
  • Identify emerging issues and important trends in water related European policies and issues, which are of interest to EWA and its members, in order to allow EWA to anticipate future changes and to contribute efficiently to European policy development;
  • In consequence, and in conjunction with the European Technical and Scientific Committee (ETSC), propose the evolution of thematic activities and actions of EWA.

EWA Position Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 2019

The EWA Position Paper on the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 2019 presents 5 recommandations.

EWA Position Water Framework Directive 2019

Commitment to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) - further development of the WFD while maintaining its objectives.

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5th EWA Water Manifesto 2016

By means of the Water Manifesto, the EWA draws attention to current important water issues in Europe and makes proposals for their resolution by the sustainable management and use of water resources.

Water in Horizon 2020, with a focus on priority 5 “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and sustainable use of raw materials”

Joint Position Paper of AquaEuropa, EurAqua, EWA, EWP, Eureau and WssTP (333.5 kB)

Report concerning the added value of macro-regional strategies (COM(2013) 468 final

Please download the report here (78.8 kB)